Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A quilt like this needs a name!

So far I am up to 19 squares on the 3 Dudes quilt - Which I am relabeling to the "Gypsy Quilt."
Don't you think it has a bit of a gypsy look? I am loving all of the colours which the photos are not doing much justice up until this point, unfortunately. 

I planned on doing more than just 3 squares today though sleep got the better of me once my toddler was down for his afternoon nap. Was such a hectic morning I think I wore myself out!

Tomorrow afternoon is looking better to get some more done though, I hope.

I am thinking of doing maybe 24 squares all up, then doing a few rounds of borders around the edges of this quilt front. I was thinking of going and buying some fabric too do put between the squares and give that another go.. I am a little scared that I will mess it up but surely I have to get this right at some stage, right? It remains to be seen! Let's see what I can achieve tomorrow!

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