Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Time to get serious!

I came across a simple pattern a few days ago and it really grabbed me. Too often I'll browse patterns or people's designs and think how great it would be to give them a go, though when I see something that I just 'have' to do.. That's when I know I'm on to something!

Here is a link to the pattern I am trying out..
Bijou Lovely Quilt Tutorial

I was able to get to the fabric store today to get a few things to begin.

If you are after a good adhesive for fabric so you can do some applique, try grabbing some vliesofix - It is so easy to use. . . All you need is an iron!

As you can see, I've chosen some fun spotty and stripey fabric to work with and an ivory background so the patterns stand out (just like the tutorial).

I will say though, that I have chosen to make my circles a little bigger than the measurement used in the tutorial and my squares are bigger too. I have been careful to add an extra inch to all sides of the squares too for seam allowance as I don't want the circles being too close to one another once the squares are sewn together.

I was also very lucky to recently be given a walking foot for my Elna (it is a Singer foot, though is fairly universal), I have done a few practice runs on it, though can't wait to use it to quilt this one up in the end!

Until the next installment, happy sewing! :)

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