Friday, August 1, 2014

What's in a quilt?


What's that you ask?

What's in a quilt?

Hours and hours of patience, concentration and organizing, that's what! I don't think I have been so involved with a project before. I mean, anything you create takes some effort but this one has really taken the cake! 

And I've enjoyed every minute of it, of course. So much so, I'd love to whip a few more with this pattern up as it is a lot faster than some of the other trial-and-error quilt patterns I've tried before.. but it just looks so good with all of the colours and patterns, don't you think? 

All up I have appliqued 40 circles so far, though will do two more rows before I'm ready to start piecing it all together.


I'm yet to decide on a binding colour/ pattern just yet, though with all of these colours I could basically use any colour I think. So... that is what's in a quilt. And it's only one part of it really. I still have to pin it to some batting and a backing fabric (another thing I have to decide on) and then I'll be set to quilt it all together. Still a lot to do!

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