Sunday, August 3, 2014

Who loves Peppa?

So I am trying something out here. I'm not 100% confident, though you have to try these things to see where they take you, so here I am.

I am working on a little something for some family friends - Twins infact - (In between finishing off my circle quilt) and wanted to show you how I'm putting it together. It can be fun.. and really interesting.... and somewhat frustrating too as it needs a fair bit of patience!

Peppa Pig is the project - and applique is the aim!

So I start by drawing the parts of Peppa that I need for the project on to some grease proof paper (this way a few errors are allowed...)

Then I copy them onto some vliesofix, cut them out and iron them onto the fabric (A little more to it than that, though the instructions are easy to grasp once you have done it a few times).

Then I begin to place the pieces out - like layering a cake really. You place down the boots, the tail and an arm, then the dress, another arm and the head and iron the pieces into place as you piece them so it stays put!

Then I start working on features of the face, like the nostrils, eyes and cheek. You can see the mouth in the next image...

I then decided to add a name at the top of the panel.. Though without any stencils, I had to freehand it.. Happy that I managed to remember some of my simple calligraphy skills from years ago!

So this is where I am up to right now, though later today hope I will have the second panel ready too.

Then, the applique begins!! More soon . . . .

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