Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I am still here. I am just waiting. I just sold my beloved Elna Sewing Machine in order to help pay off my newest machine (yet to pick up). I have the next Peppa Pig quilt pinned and ready to quilt, though I need to wait until the new machine arrives before I can do any more. 

I am, however, considering getting some more fabric and doing another circle quilt with different patterns, seeming as the last one turned out so well! :) I am super proud of my efforts!

 And here it is. What do you think? I love the circle effect. So simple, yet it pops out at you. I even found the binding way easier this time around. 

I found cutting the binding to 3" thick, rather than 2.5" much better as it gives me more room to get the binding in the right places. I'm sure over time I can do the 2.5" inch binding but for now, I am so happy with the results - I am just happy it went so well! :)

So, hopefully if all goes well, I might be able to pick up the new machine this weekend. For now, here's a pic of one.. I am not paying anywhere near as much as what this machine is worth brand new - otherwise there is no way I could get one! I am very lucky to have an awesome family member who is selling it to me for much less!

I am so excited! More pics to come soon I hope! . . .

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