Thursday, August 7, 2014

This little pig went to market . . . .

Progress! I am still working away at the twin quilts, nervously. I say 'nervously' because it is the first real quilting project that I have set for myself (aside from my circle quilt - which I haven't forgotten!)

I went to the fabric store today and picked out some backing fabrics for all three quilts so hopefully I can begin to finish something off now.

Here are some progress shots..

This is a close up of the quilt top I decided to finish off first - If you look closely you can see the small zigzag stitching around all of the appliqued bits.

Then I added a 2.5" inch purple border to add a bit of contrast.. And a 5" border of the same background pink to finish it off.

Everything is then pinned together, ready to quilt!

When quilting, you need to start as close to the centre as you can and work your way out so the layers of the quilt stay as flat as possible.

I have just started stitched a normal straight stitch, using a cotton as close to the background colour (pink) as possible, around all of the appliqued edges. . . More soon! :)

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