Friday, July 25, 2014

Learning new skills

Today I used some special iron-on applique paper/glue (I have actually forgotten the name..) and did my first applique trial.

You iron on the applique paper to some fabric, draw a design and cut it out, peel the paper off and then iron the design onto the fabric you want to use as a background. Then you sew around the edge carefully using a zigzag stitch, though this in itself took some time for me to figure out just how small my zigzag stitch should or shouldn't be!

But.. I got there! Here is a pic..

See? Isn't it cute? :)

I also managed to complete another row of the quilt.. It's coming together slowly! Won't do much over the weekend, maybe another few squares though we have a busy few days ahead.

On we go! :)

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