Monday, July 21, 2014

To border, or not to border?

I was busily working away today at my sewing desk and decided that it might be nice to share a photo of my little work area. It isn't much, basically a desk near a window. Though this house hasn't much room, I'm hoping one day to be able to move the desk in front of a window as there's something nice about sewing in front of an open window I think!

Above: I have two machines, an Elna 1000 and a Toyota SL1T Overlocker (my baby!)

Above: Sewing some strips together, in order to make up the squares.

Here are some squares already made up.. I have 16 squares made up in total now. I am getting a bit nervous because I know that in another few rows I will be looking at sewing them all together.. and adding a border before I quilt it all together (the part I am nervous about..)

This is what I have so far.. I probably won't sew all the squares in this sequence though it's fun to move them around and play with the colours and patterns!

I was thinking about "trying" to add a border around each square though it terrifies me after my last effort.. Which makes me think I should do it so then it won't worry me so much... Ho hum! Decisions, decisions!!

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