Sunday, July 27, 2014

Nearly done!

I have finished off on the squares now and am slowly just adding more to the sides as borders. I have decided I will finish this one off as a single bed size for my daughter's room and will possibly do a matching pillow case once I'm finished with the quilt.

At the moment the top just covers the top of her bed so a few extra bits as borders around the edging should make it bigger and hopefully, better! :)

Yet still to pick up some batting and a backing piece, though I'm hoping to do this over the next few days and finish it off completely.

I have already decided on the pattern for my next quilt. It is a bit simpler so shouldn't take me as long to do (as a beginner!) And the pattern looks amazing too!

Thinking about using some applique just to add a bit of 'pop' - It should be interesting, that's for sure! I'll hopefully add some more pics soon. . .

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